Causes of Water Heaters Are Not Hot

Some common things that cause water heaters are not hot because there is one component that is not functioning properly. Actually, a water heater on a household scale only has 3 main components. These components include heat elements, thermostats, and relays. Where these components have the function of each of which is also equally vital. So, if one of them is damaged, it will cause the water heater not to heat. Before that, you can visit our website if you need propane tank exchange.

As a lay user, of course, you will be confused if suddenly the water heater you have is not hot. The good news, in this article I want to share a little knowledge about some of the causes of the water heater is not hot. What are these, please refer to some of the reviews that are the subject of discussion in this paper.

Disconnect Relay

Almost all electronic devices use a relay, this tool functions nothing else to prevent if, at any time a surge occurs, this relay will disconnect the electricity. So that things that are not desirable can be avoided. The water heater relay I mean is located on the power cable. Exactly in the middle of the cable is a box and also an indication lamp and also a kind of button. If the light is off, it is possible that the relay will also die so that the water heater does not heat up.

The Thermostat Does Not Work

The usefulness of this thermostat is to regulate the electric current entering the heating element. If the water in the water heater tube is hot, the thermostat will cut off the electric current. And it will send the current to the element again after the water heat level begins to decline. In other words, the electric current entering the heating element must go through an intermediate thermostat. So, if the thermostat is damaged, the element will not work and eventually, the water heater will not get hot. Besides that, with the thermostat overheating the water heater, the data is prevented. So, the function is almost the same as the thermostat in the refrigerator. If in the refrigerator to regulate the cold temperature, while the water heater to regulate the level of heat in the tube water.

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