Plus Minus Ceramic Floor Model Bathroom

Determining the design of the bathroom cannot be done carelessly because there are several things that need to be considered. Among them are aspects of cleanliness and resistance of the material to water. Based on these considerations, the choice of the best luxury material for floor tiles is also limited, which can only use bathroom ceramics. Hardwood floors and carpets are not suitable for bathrooms. The bathroom floor tiles themselves have many models. Each of these models has a minus plus. The beauty of glass materials, especially those that have color, will add to the aesthetic value of the bathroom. This glass material might be used as a bathroom floor ceramic. These glasses will give a charming lighting effect. The plus is the hard and durable material. While the minus value is that the surface is easily scratched and the value is quite expensive. Make sure you consider only the best luxury vinyl tile .

Ceramic bathroom flooring model tiles are synonymous with ancient buildings. This ceramic tile is able to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. This tile is made of clay so the color is reddish and dark brown. The plus value of this ceramic tile model is that maintenance is easy, cost-effective, and not easily broken. In addition, this tile is not easy to feel cold so that the user’s feet can tread comfortably even if they don’t use bathroom slippers. Minus, this tile is less resistant to water.

Vinyl bathroom floor tiles are the most commonly used ceramics. Some of the pluses of vinyl are that the installation is quite easy and can be used again on other occasions. The possibility of ceramic models of vinyl to break is only a little. In addition, the price is cheaper compared to ordinary ceramics. For the minus value of vinyl, it looks not as beautiful as other ceramics, although the choice of vinyl floor motif itself is quite a lot. Ceramic marble floor models are synonymous with luxury. The unique texture and pattern can enhance the appearance of the bathroom. Unfortunately, this model ceramic is very expensive and requires extra care so that the surface still looks shiny.

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