Recommended for Small Business! Top 3 Embroidery Sewing Machines 2018

Starting your own business, it means you should prepare everything like equipments, budgets, or location. It is important to choose the right embroidery sewing machine for your business. You should know what your own needs and want, what the machine can do, skill level, room space for sewing, and budgets. What is the best sewing machines Embroidery Columbia Sc? Actually there is so many options that you can choose. But here are some recomendation of embroidery sewing machines for your own small business.

Top 3 Embroidery Sewing Machines 2018

1. EverSewn Hero

EverSewn Hero known for its capabilities for complex embroidery decorative stitches, text and designs. This sewing machine is also perfect for a variety projects with its range of utility stitches. You can get additional designs by download it from EverSewn software with a simple USB drive. If you’re not ready for separate embroidery and sewing machines, EverSewn Hero can be a good choice.

2. Brother SE400 Combination Machine

Brother SE400 has a back-lit LCD screen that used to preview your design. For regular sewing projects, it comes 70 embroidery designs to more than 60 stiches and of course you can download it for more designs. This machine is the perfect option for a sewing machine that good for embroidery and regular stitching. It is also budget friendly.

3. Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE770 comes with 136 built-in designs with a USB port to download, it also has the ability to edit images. So you can create embroidery with no limit. The machine has 5×7” in size for embroidery area. With all those handy features, it may be have a larger price tag.

That’s all about top 3 embroidery sewing machines recommendation which perfect for your small business. So which one is your favorite? You can choose it depends on your need and also budget that you have

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