What Can You Get From Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is not only for affordable open areas. Hydroseeding is able to reach areas that are difficult and not easily accessible such as too steep slopes or hard seeding. Of course, using a tool that is suitable for the area you want to plant. Hydroseeding is perfect for golf projects to control roadside erosion. Grass that grows evenly and binds to each other will be able to absorb rainwater well so that it reduces the risk of stagnant water on the roadside. Visit the best hydroseeding company near me on our website.

Hydroseeding is also a safe and non-hazardous technique for children, animals, and other environments. As long as you need to keep in mind, that when you start planting grass, don’t let the land be stepped on or urinated by your pet. Ammonia in the urine of animals will damage the development of sprouts so that the grass will grow deformed or even not grow at all. Avoid contact for one to three months after planting so that the grass is stronger. After the grass is solid, it doesn’t matter if it’s stepped on by children or passed by pets.

That is the advantage of using hydroseeding techniques. Saving time and costs are the main reason for revegetation of land with a fast duration.

Hydroseeding is generally sprayed from a vehicle, but this method will be difficult to apply if the condition of the land is cut, because of the limitations of vehicle mobility. To deal with this, hydroseeding can be done manually, or known as Manual Hydroseeding. Manual Hydroseeding is carried out by bringing the tools and materials needed to make a hydroseeding mixture directly in the field with mixed dispersion, done manually by humans. The type of plant seeds that are applied can be adjusted to the needs and designation in the area to be applied, both fast-growing plant seed selection, native species and types of tree or fruit seeds. Here are some types of plant seeds included in the type of LCC (Legume Cover Crop) including, Centrosema pubescens (CP), a fast-growing type plant that is able to provide biomass and a source of organic fertilizer to strengthen soil aggregates, can grow in acidic soil conditions and infertile.

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