Writing Therapy for Mental Health

For some people, writing is a difficult and boring thing. Various reasons were stated in order to avoid writing activities. For example, feel they have no interesting ideas to write about, require a long time, do not have talent, and so on. This view is expected to change if we know the benefits of writing activities for mental health. Early research on the benefits of expressive writing was carried out by Pennebaker & Beal in 1986 in America. The results suggest that writing habits about valuable life experiences can reduce health problems. Some other ayahuasca retreat studies mention that writing in the long term can reduce stress, improve the immune system, reduce blood pressure, affect mood, feel happier. Some think that writing is catharsis or release of tension. But there are also studies that state that by writing, inhibited emotions can surface. Writing will make people face who they are and know what they want to achieve. In addition, writing results in a more honest self-assessment.

Other research shows that writing can change one’s thinking to be more adaptive and positive with the changes that exist. Lastly, writing activities carried out continuously can reduce negative responses to traumatic memories. Writing also as a therapy for physical and mental health. Well, if you want to try writing activities as a therapy, things that need to be considered are writing done alone in a place far from interference. Write in three or four days in a row or in a full week. Writing activities carried out for a maximum of 20 minutes so as not to feel too heavy. Things that are written are the innermost thoughts or feelings about the most unpleasant experiences in life. Free yourself and explore your deepest emotions and thoughts. We can associate the topic of writing with others, including parents, partners, friends, and family. We can also associate writing with the past, present, and future.

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